Garmin Nuvi Map Updates

Easy way to get Garmin Nuvi map Updates

The downloading of new maps has become easier for Garmin Nuvi GPS devices. As Garmin offers several amazing options to its customers who are looking for Garmin Nuvi Map Updates. By following the given below guide for updating Nuvi device, you can hit the road back, within no time, with full confidence.

For updating the maps, there is a number of options, for instance, whether you are interested in getting free map updates or you are ready to pay a few bucks for map upgradations.

Download Garmin Nuvi Map Updates

One of the ways to buy Garmin Map updates is to visit retail outlets and shops and ask for its CD. However, you can opt for another method which is much more convenient. At present, Garmin offers map downloads as a default format. Along with this, they even offer Garmin Nuvi map updates for free. Moreover, you can directly visit its official website to look for upgradations of Garmin Nuvi map at economical prices.

Now, we will inform you about Nuvi Sat Nav devices and about different options which are available for updates. In addition, you will get to know the price range which will suit you the best and will be according to your budget.

Obtain Garmin Nuvi map updates for free

If you wish to get free of cost downloads of Garmin Maps, you would require satisfying certain criteria. Moreover, you will get free upgrades with nuMaps Guarantee. However, at first, you would need to register your Nuvi GPS device in the mapping section of Garmin website. When you will use your registered Sat Nav device for the first time or in other words, when your device will receive first satellite section, you can update your Nuvi maps within 3 months (or 90 days).

Why Garmin offers free Nuvi Map Updates?

To make sure that new customers, as well as the owners, get the most benefits and up-to-date maps on their GPS products. Therefore, they ensure to provide the best to the customers after they purchase the Nuvi Product for the first time.

Map updates for Garmin Nuvi 750

Though Garmin Nuvi 750 is among the old GPS products of Garmin, still for this unit, you can easily find the map updates. Yet, due to the age of Sat Nav unit, it is unlikely for you to be eligible for nuMaps Guarantee. Therefore, you would require paying a small fee to update your maps or for new maps for this unit.

Free Garmin Nuvi 200 Updates

If you are an owner of Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS Sat Nave device, you must be aware that several times the directions, maps and routes are not accurate. This common issue is not because of your GPS device but the roads and routes changes as they get notified. Time to time, new roads are built, highway routes change, traffic alters change as per the priority and also the businesses change their address. To avoid such situation, you would require updating Garmin Map.

Map updates for Garmin Nuvi 200 – free of charge

In order to obtain free maps update on Nuvi 200 unit, you would need to follow certain criteria. Afterward, you can download Garmin GPS free updates and the services they offer.

How to obtain free maps for your Garmin Nuvi 200?

After visiting the official website of Garmin, you have to use their purchase assistant for map updating. This is to check your eligibility for your Nuvi 200 unit. Keep the serial number of your device handy, as you may need to enter it in their system.

Without wasting your time, you can also check whether you are eligible for downloading Garmin maps or not. Go through the following list.

  • Is your Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS unit registered with Garmin?
  • Have to do the registration within 60 days after you use it for the first time for navigation?
  • Are you attempting the downloading of free Garmin map updates for the first time?

If your answer to all the above question is ‘yes’, you can easily take the advantage of nuMaps Guarantee offer. It enables you the downloading of one off map refresh for one time.

Make use of Discount Code for Garmin Map Update to save money

On some occasion, Garmin publishes discount vouchers and codes on its official website. With which, you can save you money and get different code offers. For this, check out Money off Garmin Maps.

Cheap and Affordable – nuMaps Onetime Map Update

In case, you are not able to get free of cost Garmin Map Updates then, you can try your luck on nuMaps Onetime offer. For less than 50 dollars, you can buy it directly from the Garmin website. In addition, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure you have latest Nuvi GPS maps always.

However, you would have to keep one thing in your mind, it is only a one-time map refresh option. Thus, it will become out of date as soon as new directions and roads would appear on nation’s street.

Best for you – nuMaps Lifetime Map Updates

The upgradation of nuMaps Lifetime is the best option if you want completely up-to-date and current maps on your device. With the help of this reliable and safe device, you will get the latest nuMaps Lifetime upgrade. Though its cost is little higher than the Onetime update, it enables the downloading of completely new Garmin maps for up to 4 times in a year. Garmin releases official map update software every quarter.

However, it is advisable to select nuMaps Lifetime offer as it is much cost-effective and display reliable maps only on your Nuvi GPS. Moreover, you can directly purchase Garmin nuMaps lifetime updates from its official website.

Why is it recommended to download the Garmin map updates from official website only?

It is advisable to always download the Garmin map updates from the official website as you get a reliable and quality product. Moreover, you will get authentic maps, supportable by Garmin unit. Neither you will face any error at the time of map installation. Furthermore, it will have no effect on the warranty. Plus, you don’t have to worry about route whenever you would visit a new region or country. Since you will get the latest and up-to-date data right on your Garmin GPS unit.

In case, you come up with any sort of technical problem either at the time of downloading the maps or while updating them, you can take instant help from the Garmin Support professionals.

Garmin Map Update Customer Care Support Phone Number 1-833-451-4718