Free Garmin Map Updates

Get To Know Some Interesting Facts About Free Garmin Map Updates

Updating Garmin maps has become simple day by day over the last a few years, as the company has modernized its access points and map update processes. However, free garmin map updates has become complex, as users use more devices for extra activities and they also access updates online.

Apart from this, a huge change in map updates is that most of them are free. Garmin and another GPS makers have transitioned is an important way to free product lifetime map updates for an area of products including golf and sports GPS.

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Free Garmin Map Updates

If user have purchased one of Garmin’s GPS units which offer free map updates, user will select this map updates page, which will urge you to download and install the new Garmin Express map updates utility.

Note: – Just connect your Zumo and new Garmin Nuvi device to your PC and visit this website. Within 90 days from the time of first obtaining satellite signals when driving with device and user will be able to see if there are any free map updates is available.

User are eligible to download free Garmin map updates in the following case:

  1. User connect their GPS to their computer and then visit Garmin.com. Within 90 days of utilizing it in their car.
  2. Or in case of a new map other than the map which came with their Nuvi is launched under the 90 days from the time when their Nuvi device first received the satellite signals.

How to get free Garmin Map Updates?

Procedure of obtaining “nuMaps Guarantee” is quite simple. From “Update Maps” section, on official Garmin website, user must select the option named as nuMaps Guarantee. User will further be asked to type their Zumo or Nuvi GPS serial number details.

After checking it now the Garmin site will ask user to access their actual “myGarmin” account or if you don’t have one you’ll be prompted to create one. As soon as user have done with this, they can access their free Garmin map updates available for their GPS gadgets in some easy steps:

  • In very first step, user need to login into their myGarmin account after connecting their Nuvi to PC through a USB cable.
  • User will get a notification below “Home” tab about the free map update offers they have for their registered GPS unit.
  • For downloading a free map update tap on the option of “order now”.
  • Now user need to click on the option of “Get free update”.
  • Choose from the available options including disk or download.
  • Once user have selected the option of download as a result Garmin map update will begin to download on their Mac or Windows PC. Simply save the update file on your PC and after it’s completely downloaded then user will be required to simply double-click the file.

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Installing Garmin Map Updates Free

After user download Garmin Map Update on their desktop, they will then require running this program on their desktop. For installing Garmin Free Map Updates, follow these simple and quick steps:

  • Firstly, you should ensure that the Nuvi Sat Nav unit is properly connected to computer through a USB.
  • Now, launch Garmin Map Updater program by simply double-clicking this application.
  • Now, Choose Garmin Nuvi unit that user want to install free map update
  • Now, user must accept license agreements in case any appear.
  • You may now be prompted to type your product key for your device.
  • Providing user’s GPS unit has sufficient storage he/she’ll be will be asked whether he/she is ready for updating his/her maps, hence do accept the message.
  • The rest of the procedure will be simple to understand and once user have accepted all of them then the free update for Garmin GPS will begin.

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Get free updates for your Garmin GPS

As soon as, user have downloaded and installed all the free Garmin GPS updates then the user can safely and securely drive to his/her desired routes without losing his/her path by keeping in consideration that user have accurate and appropriate mapping on their Garmin Nuvi unit.

Note:- “nuMaps Guarantee” program only available for a single product and hence isn’t allowed to be utilized with any different Garmin gadget.

We suggest that users always download map update on their Garmin GPS gadget from the official website, because that time user can be sure that what is being downloaded will not harm their product in any way.

Note:-  If user doesn’t have choice for the free map updates in that case we have provided a separate section on our site for other options to Garmin map updates.

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